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Second Generation

Family of James BRADFIELD (1) & Elizabeth LORENTZ

2. Lewis B. BRADFIELD. Born in 1786 in Dumfries, Prince William County, Virginia. At the age of 84, Lewis B. died in Uniontown, Alabama in 1870.

On 24 Nov 1807 when Lewis B. was 21, he married Mary C. FARRAR, daughter of William FARRAR (1751-1805) & Amy OLIVER (1768-1848), in Wentworth, Rockingham County, North Carolina. Born on 20 Dec 1788 in Rockingham County, North Carolina. At the age of 66, Mary C. died in Long Cane, Georgia in 1855. Buried in 1855 in LaGrange, Georgia. Alias/AKA: "Polly".

They had the following children:
i. James. Born on 16 Dec 1808. At the age of 64, James died in Georgia on 3 May 1873.

On 22 Oct 1844 when James was 35, he married Susan E. TRAYLOR, in Georgia.

ii. Ruth. Born on 27 Oct 1810. At the age of 74, Ruth died in Seagoville, Dallas County, Texas on 12 Jul 1885.

On 20 Dec 1832 when Ruth was 22, she married Joseph CRAWFORD. Born on 19 Jan 1808 in Rockingham County, North Carolina. At the age of 63, Joseph died in Alabama on 17 Apr 1871.

Joseph Crawford and wife, Ruth Bradfield, spent many years of their lives in Alabama.

4 iii. William (1813-1893)
iv. John. Born on 12 May 1815. At the age of 79, John died in Uniontown, Alabama on 31 Jan 1895.

John married Emily PERKINS.

v. Elizabeth. Born on 3 Aug 1817. At the age of 75, Elizabeth died in Uniontown, Alabama on 13 Aug 1892.

On 1 Jul 1852 when Elizabeth was 34, she married Christopher C. PITTILLO. Born on 23 Feb 1812. At the age of 83, Christopher C. died on 6 Aug 1895.

vi. Amy Farrar. Born in 1828. At the age of 77, Amy Farrar died in Hobart, Oklahoma in Jan 1905. Resided in Decatur, Texas. Alias/AKA: "Puss".

Amy Farrar married Jason T. YORK.

vii. Lewis. Born on 21 Aug 1829. At the age of 20, Lewis died in 1850.

Lewis Bradfield never married.

viii. George. Born in 1830.

George Bradfield died as young man. He never married.

ix. Thomas Searcy. Born on 1 Feb 1833. At the age of 77, Thomas Searcy died on 21 Nov 1910.

Thomas Searcy Bradfield was a druggist at LaGrange, Georgia, for many years. He served as a soldier in the Confederacy.

In 1851 when Thomas Searcy was 17, he first married Henrietta DIX. Henrietta died in 1855.

On 29 Dec 1857 when Thomas Searcy was 24, he second married Mary LLOYD. Born in 1836. At the age of 75, Mary died on 10 Dec 1911.

3. Reverend John BRADFIELD.    Born on 12 Jan 1791 in Dumfries, Prince William County, Virginia. At the age of 49, John died in Hamilton County, Tennessee on 27 Sep 1840. Buried in Sep 1840 in Prairie Springs Chapel Cemetery, Hamilton County, Tennessee. Occupation: Lawyer, Methodist Preacher, and farmer.

Military: John Bradfield enlisted into the War of 1812 into Captain Ragsdale's Company of the Virginia Militia. He served from January until April and was honorably discharged.

Reverend John Bradfield was a Methodist Circuit Preacher.

Reverend John Bradfield was a soldier in the War of 1812 where he served as a Private in Captain Ragsdale's Company in the Virginia Militia. He became a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church and was admitted to the Tennessee Conference in 1819 when only 18 years old. He served for the next four years as a circuit riding preacher in the Tazewell, Ashe and Lee Circuits. In 1824 the conference was divided and John went with the Holston Conference and was assigned to the Sequatchie Circuit. The Methodist Episcopal Church was active in Hamilton County at an early date in the 1800s. A church was organized in Dallas, the county seat, and this church had a continuous record for more than a hundred years. Services were first held in a small log cabin, late replaced by a log structure which was called "Prairie Springs Meeting House". Reverend John Bradfield served as the pastor. It was named after "Prairie Springs" which is now under the TVA waters. On October 16, 1831, George Sawyer deeded to Burwell Smith, Houston Hixon, John Bradfield, and himself, as trustees, a plot of land adjoining his home for a place of worship for the Methodist Episcopal Church. Land for a cemetery across the road from the church was donated by Asahel Rawlings, brother-in-law of George W. Sawyer. The name was later changed to Jackson's Chapel in honor of Asahel Jackson, the nephew of Asahel Rawlings. Another building consisting of frame construction was erected in 1872. The building with the cobblestone foundation was erected beyond the cemetery gate on the other side of the road as the frame building in 1925. This site can be recognized, just north of the Hamilton County park office by the cobblestone steps leading from the south side of Gold Point Circle North. Sometime around 1939, after the TVA waters had covered much of the area, Jackson's Chapel discontinued services and its congregation combined with Burk's Chapel. The Bradfield Family was very active in the affairs of the community. Most records were lost during the Civil War when the Hamilton County Court House was burned. From other references the names of some of the early justices are known. Among these names appears Reverend John Bradfield (acting Justice in 1832). Reverend Bradfield became an elected Justice and served in 1833. It was also found where the Bradfield's paid Asahel Rawlings $92.50 for 370 acres in 1837.

Unknown Author

On 17 Mar 1825 when John was 34, he married Susannah THURMAN , daughter of Philip THURMAN (1757-1840) & Kesiah Penelope KIRKLAND (1766-1845), in Bledsoe County, Tennessee. Born on 27 Feb 1805 in Anderson County, North Carolina. At the age of 81, Susannah died in Saline County, Arkansas on 5 Jan 1887. Buried in Jan 1887 in Wesley Chapel Cemetery  , Saline County, Arkansas.

Susannah Thurman Bradfield filed for a Land Grant after the passing of Reverend John Bradfield. John had served in the War of 1812 and was entitled to this land. She was granted 40 acres. She sold this land and then filed for another Land Grant of 120 acres. Since John, her husband had been a lawyer, Susannah and her family were familiar with the legal system and they hired lawyers to assist in their legal transactions. The family was quite known in the area. She continued to live in Hamilton County, Tennessee, for some years after the death of her husband, John. Susannah's mother, Kesiah Kirkland Thurman passed away in 1845. More than half her children had preceded her in death. This left Susannah with two sisters, Sarah Rogers and Mary Sawyer, both living in Hamilton County, and three brothers in Bledsoe County, Tennessee. She later moved with her son, John Heninger Bradfield and his family to Arkansas. Susannah settled with John and his family in Saline County, Arkansas. She is buried in the Wesley Chapel Cemetery located in Saline County.

Susannah Thurman Bradfield's listed an address in Hamilton County as Falling Water, Hamilton County, Tennessee.

They had the following children:
5 i. Elijah Lewis     (1826-1864)
ii. James D. Born on 19 Jul 1828. Buried in Prairie Springs Chapel Cemetery, Hamilton County, Tennessee.

James D Bradfield died as a child and is buried near the entrance to the cemetery near Chester Frost Park, Hamilton County, Tennessee.

6 iii. John Heninger (1830-1882)
iv. Asahel Phillip. Born on 16 Jun 1830. At the age of 10, Asahel Phillip died in 1841. Buried in 1841 in Prairie Springs Chapel Cemetery, Hamilton County, Tennessee.

Asahel Phillip Bradfield was a twin to John H. Bradfield.

7 v. Philip Thurman (1832-1916)
8 vi. Daniel Butler (1838-1918)

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