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Third Generation (Continued)

Family of Josephine BREWER (4) & Felix H. TODD

9. Mattie G. TODD. Born in 1867. At the age of 68, Mattie G. died in 1935. Buried in 1935 in New Hope Cemetery, Yuma, Carroll County, Tennessee. Resided in 14th District, Carroll County, Tennessee in 1930.

Mattie G. married James W. BIRDWELL, son of Samuel R. BIRDWELL (ca1830-) & Nancy HORN (ca1832-). Born in 1863. At the age of 72, James W. died in 1935. Buried in 1935 in New Hope Cemetery, Yuma, Carroll County, Tennessee. Resided in 14th District, Carroll County, Tennessee in 1880. Resided in 14th District, Carroll County, Tennessee in 1930. Alias/AKA: "Jim".

They had the following children:
i. Eva. Born on 21 May 1887. At the age of 82, Eva died on 29 Nov 1969. Buried in Nov 1969 in New Hope Cemetery, Yuma, Carroll County, Tennessee. Resided in 14th District, Carroll County, Tennessee in 1930.

On 1 May 1921 when Eva was 33, she married Roland GOOCH, son of James L. GOOCH (1843-1915) & Elizabeth Frances TODD (1848-1933), in Carroll County, Tennessee. Born on 19 Sep 1876. At the age of 73, Roland died on 11 Aug 1950. Buried in Aug 1950 in New Hope Cemetery, Yuma, Carroll County, Tennessee. Resided in 14th District, Carroll County, Tennessee in 1930.

Roland Gooch and Eva Birdwell had no children.

24 ii. Benjamin Clinton (1889-1920)
25 iii. Millard Clayton (1894-1925)
26 iv. Warren (1904-)
v. Cassie.

Cassie Birdwell died young; she was never married.

10. Florence G. TODD. Born on 15 Sep 1872. At the age of 29, Florence G. died on 22 Nov 1901. Buried in 1901 in New Hope Cemetery, Yuma, Carroll County, Tennessee. Alias/AKA: "Grey".

In 1889 when Florence G. was 16, she married Bedford Washington WALKER, son of Levi H. WALKER (1823-1876) & Nancy Bryant DOUGLAS (1840-1911). Born on 13 Nov 1869. At the age of 66, Bedford Washington died in Wildersville, Henderson County, Tennessee on 1 May 1936. Buried in May 1936 in Jones Cemetery, Wildersville, Henderson County, Tennessee.

Article was taken from the Article, "I Remember", by H. J. Bolen, Henderson County Times dated February 4, 1981

Bedford Washington Walker was a neighbor of ours, and a good one. He was the son of Levi Walker of the Farmville area, and who was a brother of Washington Walker of the Chesterfield section of Henderson County. I remember Washington Walker visiting his nephew, "Bud" Walker, the name he was familiarly known by, along with his brother, Levi Walker, who lived in the Yuma area of Carroll county, and I listened to an interesting conversation which began with the telling of the migratory journey of Levi Walker and Washington Walker from North Carolina to Henderson County, Tennessee. All the way over they fought and argued over the North-South controversy and when they arrived they refused to settle in the same locality, Levi stopping in the Farmville area and Washington going on to Chesterfield, which was long known as Lone Elm. Such family misunderstandings were common preceding, during, and following the Civil War. It is interesting to note, too, that the Levi Walker family were adherents of the Democratic Party, while the Washington Walker family was for the most part Republicans, and this division seems to have continued to this day. I remember hearing Mr. "Bud" Walker say, after voting for Ben W. Hooper, a Republican governor of Tennessee, that is was the first time he had ever voted for a Republican candidate. Of course, a good many Democrats had to vote Republican to elect a Republican in Tennessee at the time. Politics, in my day, did not seem to divide neighbors. Wildersville was for the most part a Democrat community, but the visitations among them in our home seem never to produce any political misunderstandings of any kind.

When hog-killing time came, the neighbors all came in to help with the job. It seems the rifle-man who became the official "executioner" was always Mr. "Bud" Walker, and he never missed his target. The dinner my mother prepared for the "killers" was always a sumptuous one, and the "guests" were always ready after getting on the job before daylight and working hard slaughtering hogs, cutting and trimming, grinding sausage, and cooking off the lard. Perhaps these neighborly acts superseded all political aspirations.

I remember Mr. "Bud" Walker giving me a baby goat and telling me I would have to nurse it from a bottle every day. He called it a "kid" and said that all baby goats were called that. I note now that both parents and teachers call children "kids." I don't know whether we are elevating the goat or depreciating the child. I have had the pleasure of raising a goat and of rearing a child, and I must say that it takes longer to rear a child and the job, is much harder to achieve.

I should like to mention this one other connection with the fine Walker family, which began with Levi Walker. I kept hearing the reference to him as "Old Man Levi Walker" in my young days. So when I visited the New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery, I looked up the marker to Levi Walker's grave and found that he had died in his forties. Then I thought that my own great-grandfather, Reeves Bolen, died in his forties, too, and was always spoken of as an old man. I guess old age is what you have experienced, for our pioneering fathers went through many hardships to try to expand our land and bring opportunity to their posterity.

The Walker family has evidenced its convictions or issues that concerned them when they settled in Henderson County, Tennessee, and these convictions have followed them as they passed them on to their children and grandchildren. The county, state, and nation are better because of the family heritage it left us.

Obituary: Bedford Washington Walker, son of Levi and Nancy Douglas Walker, was born November 13, 1869, and died at his home in Wildersville May 1, 1936. He was married to Miss Grey Todd in the year 1889. Of the four children of this union, two died in infancy. The two surviving are Mrs. Mittie Franks of Jackson and E.H. Walker of Wildersville. Mrs. Walker died November 22, 1901, and he was married again November 2, 1901, to Mrs. Vernie McCall. To this union were born a daughter who died in infancy and Glynn, Paley, Cornelia, Buford, and Woodrow. Mr. Walker was baptized into the Missionary Baptist Church and remained a faithful member to the end. In politics, he was a Democrat. Revs. A. U. Nunnery and T.M. Boyd conducted the funeral at the Jones graveyard in the presence of a large crowd of relatives and friends.

They had the following children:
i. Infant. Born on 20 Oct 1891. Infant died on 20 Oct 1891. Buried in 1891 in New Hope Cemetery, Yuma, Carroll County, Tennessee.

ii. Infant. Born on 8 Jul 1893. Infant died on 8 Jul 1893. Buried in Jul 1893 in New Hope Cemetery, Yuma, Carroll County, Tennessee.

27 iii. Mattie (1894-1980)
28 iv. Eunice H. (1899-1983)

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