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Second Generation

Family of Thomas CARY (1) & Elizabeth ROBERTSON

2. Samuel Harrison CARY. Born on 14 Aug 1814 in North Carolina. At the age of 73, Samuel Harrison died in Henderson County, Tennessee on 27 Nov 1887.

Samuel Harrison first married Mary Minerva AKIN. Born in 1824 in South Carolina.

They had the following children:
5 i. Abner Henry Harrison (1840-1888)
6 ii. Elizabeth J (1842-)
7 iii. James Monroe (1845-)
iv. Sarah E. Born on 13 Apr 1846. At the age of 53, Sarah E died on 9 Jul 1899. Buried in Jul 1899 in Providence Cemetery, Greene County, Arkansas.

Sarah E married John Franklin BREWER. Born on 25 Sep 1843. At the age of 58, John Franklin died in Greene County, Arkansas on 14 Jun 1902.

8 v. William Ervin (Step Child of Wife) (1849-)
vi. Charlotte Emantha. Born in 1849.

9 vii. Benjamin Franklin (1850-1916)
10 viii. Martha Jane (1851-)
11 ix. Samuel Lafayette (1852-1939)
12 x. John Millard Filmore (1856-1940)
13 xi. Larceny (1859-)
xii. Mary E. Pricola. Born in 1860.

14 xiii. William Alfred (1863-1944)
15 xiv. Mariah M (1866-1911)

He second and ?.

They had one child:
8 i. William Ervin (1849-)

Notes provided by descendant, Jerry Cary.


Burial: Cary Cemetery, Natchez Trace Park, Henderson County, Tennessee - Natchez Trace State Park, Henderson County, Tennessee.

Notes for relationship between Samuel Harrison Cary and unknown woman:

This relationship is pieced together and projected, on the handed down oral traditions of members of Abner Henry Harrison, Samuel LaFayette Cary, and Maraih Cary Dodd's families. The oral tradition is that William Ervin (Bill) Cary, Sr. was a son who Samuel Harrison Cary fathered with an unmarried teenaged girl in the area around Shiloh, in Carroll County, TN in the mid 1840s. Her identity is not known. The tradition further states that Mary Minerva "Polly" Akin Cary, Samuel's wife, and mother of several of his children already, became aware of the illegitimate child of her husband, and took the child into their own home and raised him as one of their own children. Samuel and Minerva had several more children after this incident was alleged to have occurred. While there are no currently known facts to substantiate this theory, the story was related separately, but substantially the same, by Aline Cole, daughter of Arco Cary in Abner Henry Harrison Gary's line; Ondeen Dodd Myracle, daughter of Joe Dodd in Mariah Cary Dodd's line, from a written journal her mother, Vadie Noles Dodd kept; and by Bertie Killibrew, daughter of Samuel LaFayette Cary and granddaughter of Samuel Harrison Cary in 2000. Bertie Killibrew is still living at her home in Parsons, TN b July 2001. There are thirteen recorded children of Samuel Harrison Cary and Mary Minerva Akin, however, the obituary for William Alfred (Alf) Cary in the Lexington Progress, May 26, 1944, states, "He was the son of Samuel and Minerva Cary and the last of a family of fourteen children.".

3. William W. CARY. Born on 1 May 1816 in North Carolina. William W. died in Carroll County, Tennessee. Buried in Blount Cemetery, Tennessee.

On 10 Dec 1840 when William W. was 24, he first married Caroline HAMMETT.

They had the following children:
i. Alexander. Born in 1841. At the age of 24, Alexander died in Tennessee in 1865.

16 ii. Felix (1843-1904)
iii. Elbert. Born in 1844. At the age of 21, Elbert died in 1865.

17 iv. Thomas (1846-)
v. Pigue.

about 1850 when William W. was 33, he second married Georgean JOHNSON. Born in 1830 in Tennessee. Buried in Blount Cemetery, Tennessee.

They had the following children:
18 i. James Benjamin (1856-1929)
ii. Grisey Ann. Born on 7 Apr 1857.

19 iii. Sarah Elizabeth (1858-1920)
iv. Oliver Columbus. Born on 14 Feb 1860. Oliver Columbus died in Texas. Resided in Archer County, Texas.

Oliver Columbus married Mary BIRDWELL.

20 v. Eliza Ann (1861-)
vi. Silas Henry. Born on 2 Feb 1863. Buried in New Hope Cemetery, Yuma, Carroll County, Tennessee.

Silas Henry married Susan WARREN. Born on 9 May 1900. At the age of 51, Susan died on 27 Feb 1952. Buried in Feb 1952 in Jamison Cemetery, Carroll County, Tennessee.

vii. George W.. Born on 17 Mar 1865.

viii. Robert N.. Born on 24 Nov 1866. Buried in Blount Cemetery, Tennessee.

ix. Martha E.. Born on 4 Jun 1868.

21 x. William Wiley (1870-1953)
xi. Jeremiah. Born on 12 Feb 1871.

22 xii. Granville Martin (1873-1944)
xiii. Nancy Callie. Born on 31 Oct 1874. At the age of 59, Nancy Callie died on 22 Jul 1934. Buried in Jul 1934 in Mt. Comfort Cemetery, Carroll County, Tennessee.

Nancy Callie married Allen HALL. Born on 17 Aug 1873. At the age of 84, Allen died on 3 Feb 1958. Buried in Feb 1958 in Mt. Comfort Cemetery, Carroll County, Tennessee.

23 xiv. Senthia (1876- 1933)
xv. Albert Riley. Born on 20 Sep 1879.

4. Thomas CARY. Born on 1 Jul 1825. At the age of 88, Thomas died on 9 May 1914. Buried in May 1914 in Greener Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

Thomas first married ? ?. Buried in Greener Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee. Alias/AKA: "Mollie".

They had the following children:
i. Paralee. Born in 1861.

24 ii. Joseph (1862-1928)
iii. James. Born in 1863.

iv. Samuel. Born in 1869.

On 7 Feb 1901 when Thomas was 75, he second married Mary Elisa WAUGH, daughter of William WAUGH (1834-) & Cyrena Elizabeth STACY (1843-). Born on 8 Jul 1869 in Henderson County, Tennessee. At the age of 73, Mary Elisa died on 21 Jan 1943. Buried in Jan 1943 in New Hope Cemetery, Yuma, Carroll County, Tennessee. Alias/AKA: "Mollie".

They had the following children:
25 i. Alvin (1904-1991)
ii. Frances Elizabeth. Born in 1898.

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