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Fourth Generation

Family of Walker FESMIRE (5) & Mariah BRADY

12. Isaac Brady FESMIRE. Born on 16 Nov 1823. At the age of 81, Isaac Brady died in Hamilton County, Indiana on 2 Aug 1905.

Isaac Brady married Mary MACON, daughter of Thomas MACON & Rosannah MOFFITT. Born on 23 Jul 1823. At the age of 88, Mary died on 27 Jul 1911.

They had the following children:
40 i. Simeon Macon (1852-1925)
41 ii. Martha Jane (1854-1932)
42 iii. Jesse Franklin (1855-)
43 iv. William Walker (1858-1939)
44 v. Elizabeth Ann (1860-1932)
45 vi. Rosannah (1865-)
vii. Thomas Austin. Born on 18 Jul 1867.

Thomas Austin married Harriett E. JESSUP.

viii. Malinda Vasthi.

Malinda Vasthi married Luther PERISHO.

46 ix. Molcie Emily
x. Eli Millard.

xi. Walter.

13. Molsy FESMIRE. Born on 2 Feb 1824. At the age of 48, Molsy died in Randolph County, North Carolina on 26 Nov 1872.

Molsy married Eli MACON, son of Thomas MACON & Rosannah MOFFITT. Born on 10 Apr 1826.

They had the following children:
i. Thomas W.. Born on 15 Oct 1850. At the age of 12, Thomas W. died on 22 Jul 1863.

ii. Levi B.. Born on 8 Mar 1855.

On 13 Nov 1876 when Levi B. was 21, he married Kezia Elma COX, daughter of Levi COX & Patience BARKER. Born on 3 Apr 1858.

14. Reuben C. FESMIRE. Born on 23 Nov 1827 in Randolph County, North Carolina. At the age of 81, Reuben C. died in Guilford County, North Carolina on 6 Feb 1909.

Reuben C. first married Elizabeth E. ?.

They had the following children:
i. I.C.. Born in 1849 in Randolph County, North Carolina.

ii. James O.. Born in 1851 in Randolph County, North Carolina.

iii. John W.. Born in 1853 in Randolph County, North Carolina.

Reuben C. second married Martha Elizabeth ADCOCK. Born on 22 Jun 1846. At the age of 92, Martha Elizabeth died on 23 Feb 1939.

They had the following children:
i. Mattie. Born on 7 Aug 1865. At the age of 67, Mattie died on 7 Mar 1933.

ii. Maggie. Born in Nov 1869.

iii. Millie A.. Born in 1873.

iv. Julia E.. Born on 8 Jan 1876 in Chatham County, North Carolina. At the age of 3, Julia E. died on 17 Oct 1879.

v. Susan Della. Born on 5 Apr 1880.

Susan Della married Arthur SUMMERS. Born in Jul 1881. At the age of 45, Arthur died on 15 Jun 1927.

vi. Reuben. Born on 29 Mar 1885 in Chatham County, North Carolina. At the age of 2, Reuben died on 3 Oct 1887.

vii. Johnnie. Born on 1 Dec 1888 in Chatham County, North Carolina. Johnnie died on 21 Dec 1888.

viii. Ollie L.. Born on 4 Jul 1898 in North Carolina. Ollie L. died in 1899.

15. Balaam Walker FESMIRE. Born on 22 Aug 1835. At the age of 87, Balaam Walker died on 27 Sep 1922. Buried in Sep 1922 in Love's Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Siler City, North Carolina.

Balaam Walker married Eliza Malissa WEBSTER. Born on 22 Mar 1832. At the age of 78, Eliza Malissa died on 19 Jan 1911.

They had the following children:
47 i. Maria Elizabeth (1862-1954)
ii. James Alex. Born on 22 Oct 1863. At the age of 73, James Alex died on 28 Jul 1937.

James Alex married Ollie J. PEOPLES.

48 iii. Henry Walker (1865-1948)
iv. John Curney. Born on 16 Jan 1867. At the age of 78, John Curney died on 5 Feb 1945.

John Curney Fesmire never married.

49 v. Thomas Eli (1868-1953)
vi. Isaac N.. Born on 20 Apr 1871. At the age of 28, Isaac N. died on 21 Feb 1900.

Isaac N. Fesmire never married.

vii. Mary M.. Born in 1872. At the age of 77, Mary M. died in 1949.

Mary M. Fesmire never married.

viii. Lonna Gertrude. Born on 1 Aug 1879. At the age of 71, Lonna Gertrude died on 3 Jan 1951.

Lonna Gertrude Fesmire had no children.

Lonna Gertrude married Mahlon Hugh WODDY.

16. James S. FESMIRE. Born on 16 Jul 1838.

On 11 Jun 1866 when James S. was 27, he married Sarah Ann THROGDIN. Born in Oct 1846.

They had the following children:
i. Lydia A.. Born in 1867.

ii. Edwin C.. Born in Mar 1872.

50 iii. Artemis J. (1876-)
iv. Corinna J.. Born in Nov 1879.

v. Clota A.. Born in Apr 1886.

17. John M. FESMIRE. Born on 4 May 1843. At the age of 68, John M. died in Randolph County, North Carolina on 18 Nov 1911.

On 30 Aug 1866 when John M. was 23, he married Rachel D. COX. Born on 19 Jan 1844. At the age of 56, Rachel D. died on 8 Dec 1900.

They had the following children:
i. Almedia E.. Born in 1867.

51 ii. Afred Rufus (1871-1948)
iii. Priscilla Ann. Born in 1873.

iv. John Wilson. Born in Sep 1879.

John Wilson Fesmire and Nancy Ellen Fesmire were twins.

v. Nancy Ellen. Born in Sep 1879.

Nancy Ellen Fesmire and John Wilson Fesmire were twins.

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