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Third Generation

Family of William ROSSER (2) & Elizabeth NORWOOD

4. Anzolett ROSSER. Born in 1807 in North Carolina. Resided in 13th District, Carroll County, Tennessee in 1880.

Anzolett Rosser was living with her step-son, Albert Burnett, in the 13th District, Carroll County, Tennessee, in 1880.

Anzolett married Fearington BURNETT. Born about 1790 in North Carolina.

They had the following children:
i. James N.. Born in Jun 1836.

James N. Burnett joined Company "G", formerly Company "C", nicknamed "The Carroll Invincibles". It was organized on June 25, 1861 at McLemoresville, Carroll County, Tennessee; later became part of Company "G", 12th Consolidated. The unit became part of the 22nd Tennessee Infantry Regiment which was organized for Confederate Service on August 10, 1861 at Camp Trenton, Gibson County, Tennessee. It moved from Trenton to Columbus, Kentucky, where on September 7, 1861, it was reported in Brigadier Benjamin F. Cheatham's Brigade. On October 24, 181, it was in Brigadier Gideon Pillow's Division, Colonel R.M. Russell's Brigade, composed of the 12th, 21st, and 22nd Tennessee Infantry Regiments, and Jackson's Battery. A return from the 6th Brigade, 1st Division, Western Department, at Camp Beauregard, Jackson, Tennessee for the month of October, 1861, listed the 22nd Regiment as part of that Brigade, but detached. No actual record was found of the 22nd ever being at Camp Beauregard. On November 7th, 1861, the regiment was engaged at the Battle of Belmont. The 13th Arkansas, 12th, 13th, 21st and 22nd Tennessee Infantry Regiments and Beltzhoover's Battery were the force on the Missouri side of the river when the battle began. No record of casualties was found, but the 21st and 22nd were in the center in an open cornfield under heavy fire, and must have suffered heavy casualties. In January , 1862, the regiment was listed in the 1st Division, Western Department, stationed at Columbus, Kentucky, consisting of the 2nd, 12th, 13th, 15th, 21st, 22nd Tennessee Infantry Regiments, and Jackson's Battery. On March 9, 1862, the regiment was reported in Major General Leonidas Polk's Division, Russell's Brigade, which was composed of the 12th, 13th, 22nd Tennessee Infantry Regiments and Jackson's Battery. A note dated March 13, 1862 from General Polk to Brigadier General John P. McCown at Madrid Bend stated "Russells" Brigade, Russell's (12th), Vaughan's (13th), Freeman's (22nd) Regiments will move at once via Memphis to Tiptonville to your support." The evacuation of Island Number Ten apparently cancelled this move, and the regiment was next reported at the Battle of Shiloh, April 6-7. In this battle, the 22nd was in Brigadier General Charles Clark's Division, Colonel R. Russell's Brigade consisting of the 11th Louisiana, 12th, 13th, 22nd Tennessee Infantry Regiments and Bankhead's Battery. No report of casualties was found, but the brigade reported 609 casualties, not itemized to regiments. After the reorganization the regiment in May and June , 1862, it was still in Clark's Division, Brigadier General Bushrod R. Johnson's Brigade, consisting of the 12th, 13th, 22nd and 47th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, and Bankhead's Battery; but on June 16, 1862, the 22nd was consolidated with the 12th Tennessee Infantry to form the 12th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment.

10 ii. Esperan (1838-)
iii. Aramantha. Born in 1843 in North Carolina.

11 iv. Nancy J. (1848-)

5. William H. ROSSER. Born on 3 Jan 1813 in North Carolina. At the age of 43, William H. died on 9 Nov 1856.

On 27 Aug 1841 when William H. was 28, he married Mary Jane PARKER, in Carroll County, Tennessee. Born on 28 Feb 1824 in North Carolina. At the age of 67, Mary Jane died in Carroll County, Tennessee on 12 Aug 1891. Buried in Aug 1891 in Rosser Cemetery, 13th District, Carroll County, Tennessee.

They had the following children:
i. Anzolette. Born on 18 Nov 1842. Anzolette died on 3 Jan 1843.

ii. James. Born on 5 Jan 1844.

12 iii. Thomas J. (1846-)
13 iv. Mary Ann (1848-)
14 v. John William (1851-1914)
15 vi. Susan Melvina (1855-1930)
vii. Martha Elizabeth. Born on 13 Dec 1855 in Tennessee.

Lived in the household of her mother, Mary Jane Parker Rosser, and uncle Atlas Rosser, during the 1870 Carroll County Census.

6. Peter N. ROSSER. Born on 1 Nov 1815 in North Carolina. At the age of 47, Peter N. died in Carroll County, Tennessee on 18 Mar 1863. Buried in Mar 1863 in Rosser Cemetery, Carroll County, Tennessee.

On 19 Aug 1856 when Peter N. was 40, he married Nancy Bryant DOUGLAS, daughter of Bryant F. DOUGLAS (1798-1867) & Abigail ? (1816-1896). Born on 15 Feb 1840 in Henderson County, Tennessee. At the age of 71, Nancy Bryant died in Carroll County, Tennessee on 15 Mar 1911. Buried in Mar 1911 in New Hope Cemetery, Carroll County, Tennessee. Resided in Living with her son, Sydney Walker, in Wildersville, in 1910. in 1910.

They had the following children:
16 i. James W. (1858-1924)
17 ii. Atlas Paley (1860-1922)
18 iii. Jefferson Thompson (1861-1915)

7. Norwood ROSSER. Born in 1822 in North Carolina. At the age of 63, Norwood died in 1885.

On 14 Aug 1868 when Norwood was 46, he married Leanna LONGMIRE, in Carroll County, Tennessee. Born in 1844 in Tennessee.

They had the following children:
i. Mennie. Born in 1870.

ii. Fannie. Born in 1873.

8. Nancy ROSSER. Born in 1826 in North Carolina.

On 12 Oct 1840 when Nancy was 14, she married Sherwood COX, son of Jacint COX (1790-1855) & Winneford ? (1789-), in Carroll County, Tennessee. Born in 1816 in North Carolina. Alias/AKA: "Sharod".

They had the following children:
19 i. Samantha ( 1844-1934)
ii. John. Born about 1847 in Tennessee.

iii. William J.. Born about 1849 in Tennessee.

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