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Blair Cemetery
Clarksburg, Tennessee



Blair Cemetery is located about one mile east of Clarksburg on the
Clarksburg-Westport Road.  Sue Ann Lewis and son,
Frank Lewis surveyed this cemetery in 1992.  She identified 362
 graves at that time.  That did not take into account the
 graves with sand stone markers or no markers at all. This is one
of the oldest cemeteries in the area.  It became a
community burial ground before 1850.   

This cemetery contains the remains of many distinguished
people.  Most endured hardships as evidenced by the
 high child mortality rates in the late 1800s.  However,
their faith in God and belief in family values set
the stage of our value system we enjoy today.

 I extend my appreciation to Sue Ann for allowing me to
post this information.  She has spent countless hours
in surveying the cemeteries of Benton, Carroll, and
Henderson Counties and is always more than
willing to share any information she possesses.
  Permission is granted for anyone to use this information
for their personal use.  Beware though,
this information is like all genealogy, it has room for
the truth to change.  Please let me know if any errors are
found and we will correct them.

 Because of the size of the file and the slow speed of
some internet ISP services, I broke it down into seven major family
categories in alphabetical order which improved download
significantly.  You can reach each major group
by clicking on one of the family urls below.



Anderson - Carnal
Cary - Hilliard
Holmes - Kee
King - McGill
Meals - Prince
Pritchard - Scott
Small - Wilson





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