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Area History of North Henderson County
and South Carroll County, Tennessee



This is an ongoing project, as we continue to visit, record, and
photograph the final resting places of our ancestors. We wish to
thank those who have assisted us during these trips for their efforts
in photographing and recording information so that we may share
with others in search of their roots.  Many of these cemeteries are
in out of the way places, long forgotten, with only a few aware of
their location. To further assist those who share this interest, w
e also
 include web links to cemeteries in the South Carroll and North
Henderson County Area. Our priority is to record those family
cemeteries that are not on any website nor in any publication.


A list of approximately 25 churches by county/district - some with
 photos and history.  We also include web links to churches in the 
South Carroll and North Henderson County area, and encourage
you to visit these alternate sites for more information.

Civil War

The American Civil War (or the War of Insurrection)
seriously impacted the human population of both North Henderson
 and South Carroll County.  Information on units
and individuals will be added to this site eventually which will tell
their story.  Please feel free to provide us with any photographs
or information you would like to provide on
this period of our history.



Under Construction...
History**Photograph Gallery**Churches**Schools. This is
 where you will find information on communities in
 this area.  We are still gathering information for some
 of the long-forgotten communities,
Contributions/anecdotes/photographs are
 greatly appreciated.



The construction of the railroad through North Henderson County
and South Carroll County connected this area with the
remainder of the country with a fast source of transportation.
It enabled farmers to send their livestock and crops to far away
markets and to receive products that were otherwise
unavailable and hard to get.  It also connected the citizens
with travel to other sections of the country.

People of Interest

This section provides information on citizens or former
citizens from North Henderson County and South Carroll County
who provided outstanding leadership, services, or
other activities which improved the quality of
life for mankind.


Links to the various community schools, both present and those
that are long gone. Hopefully will be a good data base over time.






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