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Organization of the Liberty Church

November 16, 1850

State of Tennessee, Carroll County.

     We the undersigned met at Liberty Meeting house.  Met after divine worship called together called together  the undersigner & were Constitution into the Baptist Church of Jesus Christ by Levin Savage and John W. Cearley who were the Receiver, Presbytery by them.  They mutually agreed to keep house for God.  Under model of the Jerusalem Church governed by its laws.


Names of the Males   

Names of the Females

R. M. Davis. Elizabeth Davis – joined by letter
Charles Lucas   Martha McWhorter
Joseph Kirby     Juliet Johnson
W.G. Hood.   Martha Hood
A.J. Johnson.      Martha Hood (Excluded)
 T.R. Parker         Mariah Dilday (by letter)
Noah Dilday       Narcissus Hood
 C.A. Hood    Elizabeth Kirby
Wm. Johnson Mary Ann Johnson
Parthena Kirby


  After organization a motion was made & seconded to appoint Bishop Savage Moderator Protem after which the way was opened for the reception of members.  Receiver by experience to wit Elizabeth Parker & Margaret Hood.  Next proceeds to the Election of Deacons which resulted in the Election of Brother Davis & Brother Hood. 

     We met again on Saturday night after divine worship by Bishop Savage first opens the way for the reception of members.  The following brothers and sisters came forward as ????? upon the card

     To wit William Ross, William Dilday, Nelson Cox, Nancy Johnson, Mary Hood.  Again met on last day after divine worship by Bishop Savage opened the way for the reception of members.  Received the following:  Sister & brother Hannah Dilday, Lucindy Ellis, Gracy Leslie, Melinda Pruett, Elisha Pruett by Experience and lst day night met and first opened the way for the reception of members.  Received the following sisters- Rhoda Smith by experience, Sister Charlotte Hood and Lucretia Lucas by recommendation.  Margaret Cox upon the card.  ????? proceeded to the election of their pastor for the next ensuing year with resulted in the choice of Brother J.W. McCerley signed by order of the Church.

 William Johnson, Church Clerk

Levin Savage, M.O.D.


    A group met together on 14 September 1851 to further organize the Liberty Church in Carroll County, Tennessee. The body agreed upon the Church Covenant, Preamble Constitution, and Rules of Decorum.  They are as follows:

Preamble & Constitution of Liberty Church, Carroll County, Tennessee, September 14th, 1851. 

    We the undersigned all having been baptized upon a profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ according to this Commandment & Example and believing it to be mind or will of great law given according to the Scriptures that his people be united in one as he the Father are one For our mutual comfort, edification & happenings as well as his Glory , do agree to unite as a Church of Christ on Earth  adapt the following articles as the bases of our faith & practice.

      1st  We believe  in only advise & true God who makes himself known as the Eternal God in the person or office of the Father, Son & holy ghost & these are one.

     2nd  We believe God creates many holy & upright & that man by his only voluntary transgression fell from that happy State is Sinful ????? & condemned by God.

    3rd That Jesus Christ the Eternal Son & Second person in the holy trinity has tasted death for every man  & this satisfies the divine law & that now all who call upon him renouncing their sins with true repentance may be  through faith in this holy name.  Heb. 2nd chapter & 9th verse.

   4th  That all true believers in Christ should be baptized in the name of the  holy trinity.  See acts 2 Chapter & 38th verse.

   5th  We believe in the duty & high privilege of all such to become members of the visible Church of Christ.  See Acts  2nd Chapter & 47th verse.

    6th  We believe the Church of Christ is not National but Congregational composed of men & women believing in the Lord Jesus Christ who can agree to walk by the Same such acknowledging the Same Son Exercising a like precious faith & receive the same baptism.  Ephesus 4th Chapter & 5th verse.

    7th  We believe in only two Sacraments – Baptism & the Lord’s Supper.

     8th   That Baptism can only be administered scripturally by a regular ordained Baptist Minister of good standing in the church.

    9th  We believe Experimental are the only Scriptural Subjects of Baptism & that by the immersion of the whole body in water in the name of the Father & Holy Ghost.  See Matthew 3rd. Chapter & 16th verse and also Mark, 1st Chapter & 5th verse.

    10th   We believe that no unbaptised person believer or unbeliever should be invited to partake of the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.

    11th  All who subscribe their names to the foregoing articles do hereby give themselves to the Lord & one another in the Lord to watch over & pray for each other observing the Same rules & will be governed by Same laws.


    Having  been as we trust brought by divine grace to embrace the Lord Jesus Christ & to give up ourselves wholly to him we do now solemnly & joyfully covenant with each other to walk together in him with brotherly love to His Glory as our common Lord.

    We do therefore in his strength engage That we will exercise a mutual care as members one of another to promote the growth of whole body in Christian knowledge, holiness & comfort to the ????  that we may stand perfect  & complete in all the will of God.  

   That to promote & secure this object we will uphold the public worship of God & ordinances of his house & hold constant communion with each therein, that we will cheerfully contribute of our property for the support of the poor, i.e., Such as are wiling but unable to help themselves & for the maintenance of a faithful ministry of the Gospel among us. 

                                      RULES OF DECORUM

    Article 1st  -- It shall be the duty of the church to elect a moderator to serve them for 1 year or any designated time whose duty shall be to keep order.

    Article 2nd  -- The Moderator shall be considered a Judge of Order whose first duty shall be to observe order.

    Article 3rd --  It shall be his business 1st to enquire into the peace & harmony of the church;  2nd to open the way for the reception of members;  3rd to enquire for reference & then any other business necessary for the church to attend to.

    Article 4 -- In performance to our dealing with the church members we agree as a church to observe the teaching of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ as given in the 18 Chapter of Matthew & other Scriptures in Connection with the same.

    Article 5 --  We agree that our Moderator shall have the right of deciding who shall keep the floor when more than one rises to speak at the same time.

    Article 6 --  We agree that a majority of the church shall rule in all cases with the exception of receiving members that shall require a unanimous voice of the church.

    Article 7 --The Moderator shall have no right to speak unless he fills the chair by same other Brother, then he shall equal right with any other member provided he confines himself to the subject under description.

   Article 8 --  Each member when addressing the chair shall arise to his feet and address the Moderator by the appellation of Brother Moderator. No member shall be allowed speak of times than twice without ???? of the church ------ always confining himself strictly to the subject under discussion & that too without criticism or slips or failures of any member of the church.

    Article 9 --  We agree to observe the regular rule in receiving of letters of our Sister Churches & granting the same. 



      Appreciation is given to John Daniel and Sarita Williamson for allowing me to transcribe these records from the New Liberty Church Minutes Book. Hopefully, these records will be used to glorify God and for the good of all Concerned.





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