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Liberty Baptist Church Membership Rolls

April 1871

     Liberty Church records do not exist between the dates of October 1861
through March 1871. It is believed Liberty Baptist Church ceased to meet between those dates because of the dangers associated with the Civil War and its aftermath.  On 5 April 1871, Liberty Baptist Church commenced services again. On this date, they reorganized their membership. Information below is taken from Church Minutes.


Liberty Church  April the 5th 1871 Preaching Being appointed one month preceding the day above named by Elder W. Pugh for the purpose of calling the church together and after preaching the following members agreed to come together at Liberty Church


  Name Membership Status
1 --  Jane Tate Dismissed by Letter
2 --  Margaret J. Kirby Dismissed by letter letter returned
3 --  J.C. Brandon Excluded for joining cambellites
4 --  Mary Johnson  
5 --  Lucinda Lucas Excluded for joining Cambellites
6 --  A.J. Johnson died 1873

Restored to Relationship

7 --  Marian Johnson Restored to Relationship
8 --   W.J. Johnson

By letter

9 --   D.C. Johnson

By Letter

10 --   W. G. Hood By Letter
11--   Martha Hood By Letter
12 --  Nancy Carter          By Letter
13 --  William Ross Restored to Relationship
14 --  W.C. Blair By experience and baptism
15 --  Margaret Blair died 1875 By experience and baptism
16 --  J. A. McRay   By Recommendation
17 --  R. Johnson Restored to Relationship
18 --  Polly Johnson Restored to relationship
19 --  Matilda Johnson By experience and baptism
20 --  Mary A. Hopper By experience and baptism
21 --  Mary A. Hemphll By experience and baptism
22 --  Sarah A. Johnson By experience and baptism
23 --  Scott Williams By experience and baptism
24 --  James Gross By recommendation
25 --  Gross           Experience and baptism
26 --  M.E. Hopper Experience and baptism
27 --  T.S. Ross Experience and baptism
28 --  Jane Ross Experience and baptism
29 --  Carlotie Johnson Restored to relationship
30 --  Parilee Williams Experience and baptism
31 --  Priscilla Williams By Letter
32 --  J.T. Hopper By Experience and baptism
33 --  Mary M. Hopper By Experience and baptism
34 --  E. Tate            By Experience and baptism
35 --  D.K. Page By Experience and baptism
36 --  Wm. E. Hood By Experience and baptism
37 --  Mary E. Lemmings By Experience and Baptism
38 --  Nancy K. Jones By Experience and Baptism
39 --  Margaret E. Johnson By Experience and Baptism
40 --  Sophronia E. Black By Experience and Baptism
41 --  Minerva Utley By Experience and Baptism
42 --  T. R. Parker

By Letter

43 --  Elizabeth Parker By Letter
44 --  Nathan Parker By Letter
45 --  Samuel Parker By Letter
46 --  H. Diggs By Experience and Baptism
47 --  Harriet A. Key By Experience and Baptism
48 --  Mary Key By Experience and Baptism
49 --  Nancy Branch By Experience and Baptism
50 --  Nelson Key By Experience and Baptism
51 --  W.T. Johnson By Experience and Baptism
52 --  Wind Johnson By Experience and Baptism
53 --  Nancy Cordell By Experience and Baptism
54 --  Charles Key By Recommendation
55 --  Nancy Key By Recommendation
56 --  Axy Dill

By Recommendation

57 --  N.E. Page By experience and baptism




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