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Clarksburg, September 8th, 1874.  The Republican

      Now that the insurrectionary excitement is over, and night is no more

made hideous and dreadful by big bear tales, and white men  have

learned not to give credence to fallacious lies,  gotten up for the purpose

of widening the breach between the two races, and keeping up hatred at

its boiling point, now since this has blown over the people of this section,

both white and black have settled into a quietus scarcely known

hitherto.  We hear no more of depredations and designings of murders to

be committed upon the whites by mobbing Negroes, and all these stories

said to be divulged by some old Negroes living in the neighborhood who

was favorable to the whites.  No, nor nothing that we have ever heard of

being plotted has been committed by the Negroes. It is true, perhaps, the

Negroes did some things and  said some things that were alarming to

some people at that time; but at other times it would not have been

noticed.  But now that the excitement is over, and quiet restored, it is to

be hoped that the Negroes will no more cause offense to be taken at their

actions or talk, and that white men will learn something from past

experience. The firms of Johnson, Walker & Parish, and Smith & Carnal

have been very busy this week invoicing their stocks of goods,

preparatory to a change of the firms.  Messrs. Johnson and Walker

retiring from the former, leaving the firm styled Jamison & Parish. Smith &

Carnal have sold their stock to E. Smith.  Smith and Carnal  will be

retained as clerks. The new firms have adopted the cash system strictly.

We are conscious of the fact that this will bear very hard on the people

who have been indulged so long on credit, and are now in debt more

than their entire present crops will pay – yet they will have to stem the

tide.  Perhaps they may anchor over, by and by; and then they may say

that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” – keep out of debt and be

freemen. There is but one thing that is flourishing here now, and of

course you want to know what this is, it is our academy, under the

supervision of Prof. Bledsoe, who by his amiable manner and kind

disposition has won not only the respect of his students, but of his

patrons in general. Through his courtesy we were permitted to attend the

exercises of the Academic Society last Friday evening, and after seeing

the deportment of the members and hearing their essays and speeches,

we are happy to say the hour was well spent.  The Society is composed

of young men and ladies, who meet every Friday evening at 7:30.  The

young ladies read essays, and the young men speak, and it is truly

entertaining to be there.  The young ladies by their presence give grace

and harmony to the  meeting, being also and excitant to the boys, who in

turn speechify like thunderation.  The exercises were commenced by two

beautiful girls who read essays, one on Intemperance, the other

Education, both of which, in nicety of language and beauty of diction,

would be hard to excel.  The debate then commenced by the champion in

the affirmative.  The question stated was, “Resolved, That railroads are

an advantage to the country.” The speakers on both sides made very

good speeches, and we would say continue to SPEECHIFY, for perhaps

among them are some who may be able “The APPLAUSE OF LISTENING

Senators to command.” The Chairman did not decide the questions, but

was decided in the negative by our young men last Tuesday morning,

who started to Texas in a two-horse wagon.  Thereby showing that

railroads are useless to them.






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