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James Alexander's Brandon's Birthday

April 21, 1935

Celebrates 83rd Birthday

       Four score and three years ago, J. A. Brandon, one of the county's fine citizens, first saw the light of day, on Sunday April 21, the children grandchildren, friends and relatives gathered at his home with well filled baskets and enjoyed a bounteous dinner and hospitality of the host. The occasion was Mr. Brandon's birthday.

     The children enjoyed an egg hunt in the afternoon. Everyone present seemed to enjoy the occasion. The photographer was called and a photograph was made of the crowd: also one of the host and his children.


  Front Row Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Back Row
1 Eldred Dill Newt Mann George Alex (G. A.) Brandon Weldon Brando Valus Bush
2 Darrell Johnson Goethe Laws Elmer Brandon Vivian Laws Charlie Springer
3 Harold Gooch Cecil Brandon Barton Laws Ann Laws Lewis Pendergrass
4 Blake Johnson Dale Johnson Ernest Brandon Arlie Gooch Lusky Dill
5 Danny Joy Bush Henry Springer Huron Brandon Jim Gooch
6 Lamera Jean Simpson Wiley Simpson James David Brandon George Williams
7 Miriam Roark Tom Jamison Kate Brandon Thelma Williams
8 Veleda Bush James Alex Brandon Milton Brandon Robert Lee Williams
9 Denton Bush Dr. Homer D. McGill Flora Brandon Edith Pendergrass
10 Meredith Dill Alvin Roark Lela Springer Hilda Copeland
11 Leta Faye Young Gray Roark  Robbie Sue Pendergrass Elain Bush
12 Marjorie Faye Pendergrass Mrs. Gray Roark Siddie Emma Laws Mamie Dill
13 Doris Lewelling Sally Roark Billy Charles Lewelling Mary Dasher
14 Fairy Mae Gooch Ralph Young Ernest Lewelling Ludie Springer
15 Bonnie June Johnson Novie Mann Helen Lewelling Omie Lee Bridges
16 Anita Lewelling Junior Mann Carley Brandon Marion Brandon
17 Mrs. Tom Bridges Arthur Brandon Hosea Springer
18 Mrs. Jim Pendergrass Thelma Johnson Brooksie Brandon
19 Billy Jim Roark Eula Smith Iva Mae Williams
20 Vivan Roark Mrs. Raymond Roark Lucille Williams
21 Carol Dean Roark Earl Roark Jim Williams
22 Raymond Roark Myrtle Williams
23 Tom Bridges Burton Gooch
24 Virgie Roark
25 Gurther Roark

Photograph and materials were provided by Meredith Virginia Dill Meggs.





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