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Early History of the Railroad line from
 Hollow Rock Junction (Bruceton) to Lexington


    PADUCAH, TENNESSEE & ALABAMA RR was projected in the late 1880's
from the bank of the Ohio River at Paducah, Ky., southward to a connection
with the Memphis & Charleston RR at Florence Ala.  This proposed route, which was
never completed south of Lexington, Tenn., would have followed the valley of
the Tennessee River practically all the way from Paducah to Florence.
     By the end of of the year 1891, the PADUCAH, TENNESSEE & ALABAMA RR
had been opened for service over 86 miles of track from Paducah through Paris, Tenn.,
to Hollow Rock Junction (later Bruceton) where a connection was made with the NC&
StL Ry for Nashville.  During 1892 the tracks of PT&A RR were extended southward
to Lexington, 118 miles from Paducah, and a junction formed with the Tennessee Midland
Ry, which had been in operation westward of Memphis since 1889.
    A 30-year traffic agreement or lease was drawn up and the PT&A RR took over the
operation of the Tennessee Midland Ry about the end of 1892.  In 1893 both roads
were placed into receivership.  This receivership continued until 1895 when the two
companies were sold under foreclosure, and acquired by the L&N RR to become its
254-mile Paducah & Memphis Division.  In 1896 these lines were leased to its subsidiary,
the NC & StL Ry, which was in a more favorable position to absorb and operate the route.
The track below Bruceton (Hollow Rock Junction) became part of the NC&StL Ry between
Nashville and Memphis, while the northern line to Paducah, a branch of the NC&StL Ry.

From "Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway: History and Steam Locomotives."
by Richard E. Prince. Published by Indiana University Press, 2001.
Reprinted by permission of Indiana University Press."





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