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Fourth Generation (Continued)

Family of Elizabeth BELEW (10) & John SPRINGER

42. Jessee SPRINGER, G Grandson, M. Born about 1805 in Union Dist., South Carolina. Jessee was 48 when he died BET 1853 AND 1860.

Source: 1830 Monroe County, KY census pg 370 - 1840 Smith County, TN census pg 283B
1850 Macon County, TN pg 169 - In 1853 he served as a witness for a widow's pen-
sion - 1860 Fulton County, AR, Big Creed Twp., #311 - "Genealogy of the HARLAN
Family," pg 226. Info via Michael Cole, Ft. Smith, AR.

He married Sarah HARLAN, F, in early 1820's in Monroe County, KY. Born on 17 Aug 1806 in Monroe County, KY. Sarah was 53 when she died in in the 1860's.

"Genealogy of the HARLAN Family", p. 226

They had the following children:
i. daughter, GG Granddaughter, F. Born BET 1820 AND 1825.

1840 Smith County, TN, pg 283B - Micheal S. COLE, M.D., Fort Smith, AR.

107 ii. John C., M (1824-)
iii. daughter, GG Granddaughter, F. Born BET 1825 AND 1830.

1840 Smith County, TN, pg. 283B Source: Micheal S. COLE, M.D., Fort Smith, AR.

108 iv. Ruth, F (1830-)
109 v. Joseph, M (1831-1860)
110 vi. Lavista Milla, F (1836-)
111 vii. Frances Serelda, F (1837-1879)
112 viii. George H., M (1843-1900)
113 ix. Turner G., M (1845-1900)
x. Isaac, GG Grandson, M. Born about 1847 in Tennessee. Isaac was 32 when he died about 1879.

1850 Macon County, TN, Dist. #6, pg 169. Info from Micheal S. COLE, M.D., AR.

114 xi. Calvin H., M (1849-)

43. Ruth "Ruthy" SPRINGER, G Granddaughter, F. Born on 2 Apr 1805 in Union County, South Carolina. Ruth "Ruthy" was 82 when she died in Monroe County, KY on 8 Mar 1888.

Info from Judy REGAN, Lavayette, TN via Michael S. COLE, M.D. Fort Smith, AR.

She married George HARLAN, M, about 1822. Born on 25 Jun 1804 in Union County, South Carolina. George was 47 when he died in Monroe County, KY BET 28 MAY 1852 AND 55.

Kentucky Gen. & Biog., Vol II, pg. 57. Source: Judy REGAN, Lafayette, TN via
Michael Cole, Ft. Smith, AR.

They had the following children:
i. Jessee, GG Grandson, M. Born on 21 Dec 1824 in Monroe County, KY. Jessee was 23 when he died on 4 Sep 1848.

He married Jane CRAWFORD, F, in prob. Monroe County, KY.

115 ii. James, M (1826-1901)
iii. Alexander, GG Grandson, M. Born on 22 Aug 1828 in Monroe County, KY. Alexander died.

He married Mary Ann FRAIM, F, in prob. Monroe County, KY.

iv. Elizabeth, GG Granddaughter, F. Born on 27 Jan 1831 in Monroe County, KY. Elizabeth died.

She married William MAXEY, M.

v. Samuel, GG Grandson, M. Born on 28 Apr 1834 in Monroe County, KY. Samuel was 81 when he died on 27 Feb 1916.

Info from Judy REGAN, Lafayette, TN via Michael Cole, Ft. Smith, AR.

He married Nancy Jane RAY, F, on 11 Dec 1866. Born on 2 Mar 1833. Nancy Jane died BET 18 FEB 18 AND 6.

Sister of Priscilla and Sarah

vi. Belew, GG Grandson, M. Born on 25 Jan 1838 in Monroe County, KY. Belew died.

vii. Nancy, GG Granddaughter, F. Born on 30 Oct 1840 in Monroe County, KY. Nancy died.

She married Jerry CONKIN, M.

116 viii. Marinda, F (1846-)

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