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In the German language, Kaufmann means a dealer or merchant.

Jakob Khoufmann [9216]

    1. ca 1500

Jakob II Khoufmann [see below]

    1. 1530

Jakob III Khoufmann [2304]

'I am compiling a Genealogy of the KHOUFMANN (old spelling) family
which goes back to JAKOB KHOUFMANN who planted the family in Steffisburg,
Canton of Berne, Switzerland in 1584 and whose later descendants owing to the
Anabaptist persecution came to Lancaster, Penna. In 1714, ANDREW, MICHAEL
and ISAAC KAUFMANN founded the family in America. In 1783, a later generation,
ANDREW and DAVID COFFMAN, bought 200 acre tracts in North Carolina
in what is now Hamblen and Grainger Counties, Tennessee...'
[From a letter from Charles Fahs Kauffman to Mrs. Howard Jones, 31 Jul 1933
as quoted in Alabama Records, Vol 21, p. 87. The genealogy he compiled,
A Genealogy and History of the Kauffman-Coffman Families of North America
1584-1937, has become the definitive record of our family in America.]

    1. ca 1554 of Schophen near Basel, Canton of Basel, Switzerland

Steffisburg church records show he came from Schophen, Canton of Basel.

d. Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

m. (1) Christina/Christini Raeber

Anna Khoufmann (3 Apr 1580 near Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)

m. 28 Jul 1611 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland Peter Traer

Hans Khoufmann (19 Feb 1581 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)

Magdalena Khoufmann (22 Apr 1582 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)

(Jakob Khoufmann)

m. (2) 11 May 1584 Steffisburg Anna Buenki/Anni Burcki [2305]

b. 1562/1571 Trimstein, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

Caspar Khoufmann (11 Apr 1585 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)

m. 1612 Canton of Bern, Switzerland Barbara Kneubuehl

Margarete Khoufmann (29 May 1586 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)

Verena Khoufmann (ca 1588 Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)

m. 12 Dec 1625 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland Hans Ruesser

Jakob Khoufmann (1 May 1590 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)

    1. (1) Jan 1609 Canton of Bern, Switzerland Adalin Ummel

(2) Mar 1632 Canton of Bern, Switzerland Christina Walthart (d. 17 Apr 1644)

Niklaus Khoufmann [see below]

Michael Khoufmann (20 May 1596 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)

m. ca 1618 Barbara/Barbli Blank

Niklaus Khoufmann [1152]

b. 10 Dec 1593 Steffisburg Parish, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

    1. 17 Jan 1617 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland Elsbeth/Elsi Blank [1153]

Johannes Khoufmann [see below]

Barbara Khoufmann (28 Mar 1619 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)

Michael Khoufmann (1 Oct 1620 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -) Lived at Zullhalten near Steffisburg and Farni.

m. 2 Oct 1646 Steffisburg Anna Brendli

Nicholas Khoufmann (18 Jul 1624 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)


Johannes Khoufmann [576]

b. 29 Jun 1617 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

    1. (1) ca 1642 Anna Eichelberger [577]

b. ca 1620 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

    1. before 29 May 1648

Hans Khoufmann [see below]

Barbara Khoufmann (24 Nov 1644 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)

m. Hans Furrer

Peter Khoufmann (20 Dec 1646 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)

(Johannes Khoufmann)

m. (2) 29 May 1648 Steffisburg Elisabeth Christner

Anna Khoufmann (12 Mar 1649 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)


Christina Khoufmann (26 Sep 1652 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)

m. 16 Nov 1683 Steffisburg Michael Kauffman

Verena Khoufmann (18 Nov 1655 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)

m. 9 Jan 1685 Steffisburg Jakob Yoder

(Johannes Khoufmann)

m. (3) 23 Aug 1658 Steffisburg Anna Oesch

Jakob Khoufmann (8 Jan 1660 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland -)


Hans Khoufmann [288]

b. 15 Jan 1646 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

d. 14 Feb 1675 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

    1. 24 Feb 1664 Duchy of Wurttemberg (Germany)

Kathrina Arnold [289]

    1. 1646
    2. 8 Sep 1673 Steffisburg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

Daughter of Christol Arnold of Schiltach, Duchy of Wurttemberg (Germany)

Hans Khoufmann (17 Jun 1666 Wurttemberg - 27 Nov 1677 Wurttemberg)

Andreas Khoufmann [see below]

Johannes Khoufmann (19 Mar 1672 Wurttemberg - 8 Feb 1673 Wurttemberg)


Andreas Khoufmann [144]

b. 13 Nov 1668 Duchy of Wurttemberg (Germany)

Isaac Kauffman (d. 1738 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)

Emigrated from Greenstad, Hess (Germany) between 1710 and 1719 to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

m. Elizabeth _____

Michael Kauffman

'KAUFFMAN, Michael, and family, emigrated from the vicinity of Greenstad, Hess, on the upper Rhine, and came to this country between the years 1710 and 1719 (Charles Fahs Kauffman gives 1714), and settled somewhere not known. Michael died a few years after their arrival. The widow died next, leaving a son John and a daughter Elizabeth.' [A Biographical History of Lancaster County, p. 334]

Andreas/Andrew Kauffman [see below]


Andreas/Andrew Kauffman [72]

Emigrated from Greenstad, Hess (Germany) in Sep 1717 to Philadelphia. Settled in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania on 200 acres adjoining Isaac. He was a Mennonite.

b. ca 1690 perhaps Friesenhein, Oberamt, Neustat, Palatinate

d. ca 1743 Millersville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

m. ca 1717 Conestoga Manorland House, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Kneissel [73]

Andrew Kauffman, Jr. [see below]

Elizabeth Kauffman (10 Jan 1720 Manor Township, PA - 1779 Loganville, York Co., PA)

She is buried at Dunkard Valley, Cordorus, York Co., PA

m. Christian Meyer

Christian Kauffman (1722 Conestoga, Manor Township, Lancaster Co., PA - 1806)

m. Barbara Gochenour

Mary Kauffman (ca 1724 Manor Township, PA - before 1793 Washington Co., Maryland)

    1. Christian Shenk

Veronica Kauffman (ca 1725 Manor Township, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania -)

    1. Jacob Witmer

Magdalena Kauffman (before 1726 Manor Township, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania -)

    1. John Correl

John Kauffman (d. 1810)

Barbara Kauffman (ca 1730 Manor Township, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania - 1802)

    1. Michael Shenk

Jacob Kauffman (after 1731 Lancaster Co., PA - 1812 Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania)

Michael Kauffman (ca 1735 - 1791)

    1. 1785 Catherine Immel

Anna Kauffman (ca 1739 -)

    1. Alexander Stockslegel

Was she the Anna Kauffman who married Peter Brenneman ca 1760?

Isaac Kauffman (7 Feb 1741 - 24 Jan 1824 Greenbriar, Virginia) Minister


Andrew Kauffman, Jr. [36]

b. ca 1718 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

d. 1763 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

    1. Magdalena ‘Molly’ Martin [37]

Christian Coffman (1743 Manor Township, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania - 1798)

    1. (1) Rachel/Regina Hornsberger
    1. Anna Kauffman

Elizabeth Coffman (ca 1745 Manor Township, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania -)

    1. Nicholas Becker

Jacob M. Coffman (aft 1745 Manor Township, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania - 1794)

m. Magdalena Wagner?

David Harmon Coffman [see below]

Magdalena ‘Mary?’ Coffman (ca 1750 Manor Township - 1822 Washington Co., Maryland)

She is buried at the home farm, Leitersburg District, MD

    1. 6 May 1776 St. James Anglican Church, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania

John Shenk (1752 Lancaster Co., PA - Jan 1818)

Fraena Coffman

Christina Coffman

Andrew Coffman (16 Oct 1760 Manor Township, PA - bet 3 Jun 1845 and 1847 Grainger Co., TN)


Moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia and then to Tennessee. He was granted land by North Carolina near David's grant.

m. (1) Unknown

m. (2) 5 May 1790 Greene Co., TN Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ (Kincaid) Ramsey


David Harmon Coffman [18]

'In 1940 the Mennonite Publishing House of Scottsdale, Penn. published a book written by Charles Fahs Kauffman of Yorke, Penn. 'The Kauffman-Coffman Lineages'. Mr. Kauffman was unable to prove the parentage of David Coffman but believed David was the son of John and Barbara Martin) Coffman, who moved from Lancaster Co. Penn. to what is now Rockingham Co., Virginia. Due to the fact that so many of that County's records were destroyed during the Civil War, it could not be proved.' [From Across the River, p. 94]

A note from Linda Denison, a Coffman descendant, gives the following information:

'David Harmon Coffman, Sr. was born in Lancaster County, PA in 1750,
and married Elizabeth Lovell (born ca 1753) ca 1774. David, Sr. died in
Limestone County, Alabama in 1835. His father was Andrew Kauffman, Jr.,
who was born ca 1694 and died in Lancaster County, PA ca 1763.
Andrew Kauffman, Jr. was married to Magdalena Martin, who was born ca 1731
and died in Lancaster County ca 1758. Andrew Kauffman, Jr's father was
Andreas (Andrew) Kauffman who was born in Switzerland on 13-Nov-1668 ...
was married ca 1717 to Elizabeth Kneissle at Conestoga Manorland House,
in Lancaster, PA .. died ca 1743 (also in Lancaster). ...
I will have to double check those dates I posted here...something doesn't look right.'

'No. 178 Page 265

For 10 pounds per 100 acres - to David Coffman 200 acres in Greene County on south side of Lick Creek where he now lives, below Buffalo Ford, adjoining Bryant Bryon. Richard Caswell, 20 September 1787.' [North Carolina Land Grants Recorded in Greene

County, Tennessee, p. 31] This was the second 200 acres he purchased. The first 200 acres were surveyed on 1 Feb 1785 on an order dated 23 Oct 1783 for a neighboring tract.’

'The house he built in Jefferson County, Tennessee before 1800 is still standing and is believed to be the oldest extant dwelling in that area.' [The Lure and Lore of Limestone County, p. 108]

'Hamblen County: Home of David Coffman, 1783' [Tennessee Records - Tombstone Inscriptions and Manuscripts, pp. 432-3]

Note: Green County was formed from Washington (original county by act of NC in 1777) in 1783. Jefferson Co. was formed from Greene and Hawkins Cos. in 1792. Hamblen Co. was formed from Grainger, Jefferson and Hawkins Cos. in 1870. Hawkins Co. was formed from Sullivan in 1786. Home of David Coffman was built in Greene Co. which became Jefferson Co. in 1792 and Hamblen in 1870. The Coffman family did not move - the counties changed.

b. ca 1750 Landisville, East Hempfield Township, Lancaster, PA

d. before 31 Mar 1835 Limestone County, Alabama

His Will was written 12 Jun 1833, probated 31 Mar 1835 in Limestone Co., AL m. ca 1774 Fauquier County, Virginia Elizabeth Lovell [19]


Lovell S. Coffman (ca 1775 Fauquier Co., VA - before Feb 1854 Giles Co., TN)

    1. 1803 Giles County, Tennessee Sarah ‘Sallie’ Greene

Jacob Free Coffman (10 Be 1805 TN - 1858 White Co., Arkansas)

    1. 17 Mar 1826 Lauderdale Co., TN Catherine Young

10 Children

Jacob Coffman (23 Feb 1777 Fauquier Co., VA - 1851 Cherokee Co., AL)


He was a Primitive Baptist preacher and on the board of trustees of the Robertson Creek Meeting House Church, Hawkins County, Tennessee.

    1. 11 Nov 1799 Jefferson Co., TN Nancy Walker

10 Children

Elizabeth Coffman [9]

b. ca 1779 Fauquier County, Virginia

d. 1830/1832 Limestone County, Alabama

m. ca 1797 Jefferson County, Tennessee John Legg [8]


[See Legg]


William Coffman (1782 Fauquier Co., VA - 1832)


m. 21 May 1805 Jefferson County, Tennessee Sarah ‘Sally’ White

Andrew Coffman (22 Dec 1784 Greene Co., TN - 1 Sep 1864 Hambleton, Hamblen Co., TN)

'...was a Baptist minister, farmer, magistrate, deacon, soldier 1812 under Jackson in New Orleans.' [All In Our Family, p. 67]

Buried at the Bent Creek Baptist Church, Russellville, Hamblen County, TN

m. 8 Jan 1812 Jefferson County, Tennessee Nancy Legg

Sarah Coffman (1785 Fauquier Co., VA - before 1833)


m. 31 Aug 1803 Jefferson County, Tennessee John Meals

Nancy Coffman (22 Apr 1787 Greene Co., TN - 5 Oct 1863 Limestone Co., AL)

Buried in the Legg Cemetery, Leggtown, Limestone, AL

m. 24 Feb 1808 Jefferson County, Tennessee William Legg

Mary Ann Coffman (2 Mar 1789 Greene Co., TN - 1 Jul 1868 TN)


Buried in Old Coffman Cemetery, Huntingdon, Carroll, TN

m. 1 May 1810 Jefferson County, Tennessee Daniel Meals

David Harmon Coffman, Jr.

(3 Jan 1791 Greene Co., TN - 10 Aug 1869 Limestone Co., AL)


m. (1) 1815 Rhoda Shelton

m. (2) 19 Dec 1853 Lavina Browning

Robert Coffman (1792 Jefferson County, TN - 1854)


m. Elizabeth Keele

Markham Marshall Coffman (1798 Jefferson County, TN - Jun 1853 Limestone Co., AL)


m. 23 May 1822 Alabama Margaret Walker

Rebecca Coffman (1798 Jefferson County, TN - after 1853 Limestone County, AL)


m. 28 Aug 1816 Jefferson County, Tennessee William Cannon Walker


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