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Gurley Family Photograph Album



Name Period of Life Nickname
Alexander, Sara Jane 1870-1938
Christopher, Pauline
Christopher, Pauline
Gurley, Anna Jane Annie
Gurley, Charles E. 1888 - ?  
Gurley, George Washington 1881 - 1947 Wash
Gurley, George Washington Wash
Gurley, James Aaron    
Gurley, James Newton 1870 - 1957  
Gurley, John Anthony 1877 - 1917  
Gurley, John Oder 1899 - 1980 Oder
Gurley, John Oder 1899 - 1980
Gurley, Lillie Izora 1906 - 1996 Izora
Gurley, Luther Vincent 1894 - 1979 Luther
Gurley, Luther Vincent 1894 - 1979
Gurley, Marie
Gurley, Lou    
Gurley, Marshall Dode
Gurley, Marshall Harold
Gurley, Martha Jane
Gurley, Martha Jane
Gurley, Martha Jane 1893 - ?  
Gurley, Nancy 1885 -  ? Nan
Gurley, Melvin Ellsworth Melvin
Gurley, Newton Arzel Arzel
Gurley, Raymond 1925 - 1973 Fat
Gurley, Raymond 1925 -1973 Fat
Gurley, Rena 1878 - 1932  
Gurley, Robert Lee 1886 - 1979  
Gurley, Ruth Lorane Ruth
Gurley, Sarah Lucendia 1869 -1935 Sallie
Gurley, Thomas McClellan Tom
Gurley, Thomas Wesley, Senior 1841 - ?  
Gurley, Vinson Ross 1867-1954 Vince
Gurley, Walker Floyd 1897- 1967 Floid
Gurley, William Clearance Clarence
Gurley, William W.    
Gurley, William Lavon    
Hardy, Florence Corene 1907 - 1999 Corene
Lewelling, Dee 1896 - Dee
Lewelling, Effie Mae 1907 - Effie
Lewelling, Ira Washington   Ira
Lewelling, Iva   Iva
Lewelling, John Elston 1893- 1969 Elston
Lewelling, William Ernest 1903 Ernest
Meals, Mamie Lois 1902 - ? Lois
O'Brien, Joel Curtis
O'Brien, Hassie Marie
O'Brien, Johnny Curtis
O'Brien, Johnny Curtis
O'Brien, Johnny Curtis
O'Brien, Mildred Laverne
O'Brien, Thomas Austin
O'Brien, Thomas Austin
Tubb, Chrissie Ann    





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