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Second Generation

Family of Alexander BARR (1) & Nelley MACKASKEY

2. Thomas Jackson BARR. Born on 10 Jan 1817 in Williamson County, Tennessee. At the age of 86, Thomas Jackson died in Marystown, Texas on 18 Jun 1903. Buried in 1903 in Midway Cemetery, Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas. Resided in Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas in 1870. Occupation: Prominent merchant and butcher in the Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas area. Alias/AKA: "Uncle Tommie".

Obituary: Coming to Cleburne in 1870. He was identified with her growth. Pioneer dies at Marystown. Remains sent to Topeka.

About 3 o'clock Friday morning the soul of Mr. T.J. (Uncle Tommie) Barr soared out into the unknown to meets its Maker. Uncle Tommie Barr was 86 years of age the 10th of January, 1903. Born in Williamson County, Tennessee, when that was the advance of the southwestern civilization, his figure and his mind took on the characteristics of the rugged scenery of the mountainous region. He was a strong man in every sense of the word. Mr. Barr came to Cleburne in 1870 and in "71" entered the mercantile business, from that until only a few years ago alternating in commercial and agricultural pursuits and was one of the best known men of all the old pioneers. He was a staunch citizen, a good man and is mourned by all. During the last few years of his life Uncle Tommie, as he was familiarly called by the younger generation, had been in feeble health and it had become a fixed belief with him as each succeeding anniversary of his birth rolled around that he would not survive to see another. He wished to be remembered by the world in the similitude of his latter day appearance and on his recurring birthdays for several years he sat to photographers for a negative, presenting photos to friends in the thought that "this is the last". He however, went past many a milestone and the picture here represented is the last one given to Enterprise, but left here now more than a year ago, for his health did not permit a later one to be made. Uncle Tommie Barr was one of five brothers, all of whom have proceeded him into the great unknown. Of these, Carson Barr was known in Cleburne, died near here eight years ago and sleeps in the Sand Flat Cemetery. Jim, Hampton and Hugh are laid beneath the sod of their native Tennessee. He leaves four children, all grown and three married, with families of their own. These are Mr. Sam Barr of Cleburne, Mrs. Sam Hemphill who lives three miles east of town, Mrs. Mart Black, at whose home the aged veteran breathed his last, and Miss Mona Barr, who also makes her home with her sister. Many years ago, the helpmate of Uncle Tommie Barr's youth, the loved companion who had journeyed life's pathway by his side, was called away and he with loving and tender friends laid her to sleep in the old cemetery at Midway, three miles from the city. Here today the grave was dug in which this afternoon they laid his mortal dust; side by side with the loved and lost, kind friends and loving neighbors placed the gaunt and grizzled form and here in peace they two shall rest until the angels trump sounds forth the call to rise and receive the reward which waited on those who nobly bore their earthly part.

(Additional Information from Kay Frank) Thomas Jackson Barr, born January 10, 1817), appears on several census records for Henderson County before moving to Texas in 1870. His father, Alexander Barr, born February 3, 1785, in Pennsylvania, died December 16, 1863, and is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee

Thomas Jackson married Sarah Winifred SMITH. Born on 7 Jun 1825 in Kentucky. At the age of 57, Sarah Winifred died in Texas in Apr 1883. Buried in Midway Cemetery, Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas.

Sarah Winifred Smith was probably a granddaughter of Kinson McVey and Dorcus Stokes

They had the following children:
5 i. Samuel Carson (1853-1913)
ii. Marcella Mary. Born on 25 Jul 1843.

Not living in household in Henderson County, Tennessee, in 1870.

Marcella Mary married Martin CASH.

iii. Garlin Alexander. Born on 25 Jul 1843. Garlin Alexander died on 4 Aug 1843.

iv. Martha Ann. Born on 9 Jun 1844.

v. Kinson McVey. Born on 16 Aug 1846.

vi. Terrell Fillmore. Born on 28 Oct 1848.

vii. Thomas Guadaloupe. Born on 2 Mar 1851. Thomas Guadaloupe died in 1852.

viii. Robert Trimble. Born on 18 Sep 1857. At the age of 25, Robert Trimble died on 1 May 1883.

ix. Dorcas Edmonia. Born on 6 Jun 1861.

x. Sarah Isabella. Born on 22 Aug 1865.

3. James Alexander BARR. Born in 1819. At the age of 65, James Alexander died in Tennessee in 1884. Buried in 1884 in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee. Alias/AKA: "Jim".

James Alexander married Martha L. COX. Born in 1826.

They had the following children:
i. Susan Ann. Born in 1848.

6 ii. Franklin A. (1849-1906)
iii. Mary F.. Born in 1861. At the age of 7, Mary F. died in 1868.

BURIAL LOCATION: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee

iv. Nancy Jane.

v. Tennessee.

Tennessee married David Taylor WEBB. David Taylor died in Henderson County, Tennessee in Oct 1886.

A Fatal Tragedy in Henderson County: Thomas Coffman, a farmer, shot Taylor Webb, the mail carrier from Lexington to Atkins at the later place in Henderson County from which Webb died. The particulars are these: Coffman had a mule stolen from him some time ago and he accused Webb of the theft. They had quarreled about it and on last Saturday meeting at Atkins the difficulty was renewed when Coffman drew a navy six and shot Webb five times. Coffman fled and at last accounts had not been arrested. (He was tried and acquitted.)

vi. Robert M..

vii. Sarah Jane Elizabeth. Born in 1857. At the age of 80, Sarah Jane Elizabeth died in 1937. Buried in 1937 in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

viii. William G..

ix. Caroline.

x. John F..

4. Frederick Carson BARR. Born in 1830. At the age of 65, Frederick Carson died in Marystown, Texas in 1895. Buried in 1895 in Sand Flat Cemetery, Johnson County, Texas. Resided in Cleburne, Texas.

Frederick Carson married Frances Ann MEALS, daughter of William Henderson MEALS Senior (1800-1859) & Susannah COFFMAN (1798-1851). Born on 7 Aug 1839 in Tennessee. Resided in Cleburne, Texas. Alias/AKA: "Fannie".

They had the following children:
i. W. A.. Born on 18 Dec 1857. At the age of 8, W. A. died on 13 May 1866. Buried in 1866 in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

ii. Samuel M.. Born in 1859.

iii. Nancy J.. Born in 1862.

iv. John A.. Born in 1865.

v. Huey H.. Born in 1867.

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