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Third Generation

Family of Thomas Jackson BARR (2) & Sarah Winifred SMITH

5. Samuel Carson BARR. Born on 17 Mar 1853 in Tennessee. At the age of 60, Samuel Carson died in Texas on 13 Oct 1913. Buried in 1913 in Greenwood Cemetery, Waco, McLennan County, Texas. Resided in Cleburne, Texas in 1903.

Samuel Carson Barr, born March 17, 1853, in Henderson County, Tennessee. Died of "locked bowels" in 1903. By this time, Nancy Jane had lost her eyesight and was completely dependent upon her grown children for her livelihood. Samuel married Nancy Jane Meals in Henderson County, Tennessee. They lived on a farm for many years before moving to Texas. Before they moved to Texas, Nancy Jane's father, William H. Meals, had his plantation destroyed during the Civil War and the land was taken over by the Carpetbaggers. It is said that William packed up his family and headed to Texas in a covered wagon with his family. Nancy Jane was said to have been about six at the time, which means this was in the year 1862-1864. William Meals is found on census records in Henderson County, Tennessee in 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880. So unless he moved to Texas and then moved back to Tennessee at some point in time, the story of their moving to Texas could be remote. But, in those days, anything was possible because pioneers moved as much as the wind blew. Samuel and Nancy Jane settled in a place called Sand Flats, between Cleburne and Grandeview, Texas. There is still a store in Sand Flats and the cemetery (Sand Flats Cemetery) is across the street where a number of Meals and Barr's are buried. Nancy Jane had a brother, Fate and Louis Meals that lived in or around Cleburne as well. There was a trucking company in the area with the Meals name, so it is possible the Meals were prominent in this area, as was the Barr's. When Nancy Jane and Sam moved to Texas, Sam became a butcher. They had three children before leaving Tennessee and removing to Texas after 1870.

Cause of Death: Locked Bowels.

In Oct 1873 when Samuel Carson was 20, he married Nancy Jane MEALS, daughter of William Henderson MEALS Junior (1832-1894) & Sara Ann SINGLETON (1834-1877), in Henderson County, Tennessee. Born on 15 Nov 1855 in Henderson County, Tennessee. At the age of 86, Nancy Jane died in Sagerton, Haskell County, Texas on 28 Aug 1942. Buried in 1942 in Greenwood Cemetery, Waco, McLennan County, Texas. Resided in Cleburne, Texas in 1933.

By 1903 or earlier, Nancy Jane had lost her eyesight and was completely dependent upon her grown children for her livelihood. Story has it that Nancy Jane had picked up pieces of a broken mirror in her apron and later wiped her face with that apron, which caused her blindness. Samuel and Nancy Jane lived on a farm in Tennessee for many years before moving to Texas. They had over 600 acres outside Cleburne at one time. It is unknown as to why they sold this land. Possibly it was sold when Samuel died and she went to live with one of her children.

They had the following children:
7 i. Jodie Tennessee (1874-1952)
8 ii. Lela (1878-)
9 iii. Lurlie Belle (1878-1968)
10 iv. Fred (1893-1973)
11 v. Pearl
vi. John.

This may have been the John Barr that was born on 18 March 1894 and died 6 March 1988 in Burleson, Texas.

John married Mary Lou ?.

12 vii. Myrtle
viii. Homer. Homer died in Dallas, Texas.

Homer married Susie and they did not have any children. Homer was blind most of his life. They lived in Dallas, Texas, out by Fair Park, when he died. Homer and Susie always had parrots, or Cockatoos, as pets. Some would talk. Homer was remembered for dipping snuff and Susie was believed to have done so as well. Dipping snuff was something that people did in those days rather than smoke. After his death, Susie went and lived with some of her relatives.

Homer married Susie ?.

13 ix. Nellie

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